The presidential election- a time when all of America comes together to vote against each other. Though this time seems different, the people of America seem to be agreeing. Except Texas, but they are the “Lone star state”, right? Not too many people are looking forward to Bush’s possible third term in office in the form of McCain. Or is that just the Bay Area where every other house has an Obama ’08 sign in the window?


Barrack Obama is making quite a ripple in the river of white males in office, being that he’s bi-racial. It’s amazing that a half black man is running for president and has a good chance of winning. Speaking as a bi-racial youth, it’s amazing witnessing him getting so much publicity for the simple fact that he is African American.


As bi-racial categorizing goes, Obama’s being pinned as just that one race- black, even though he is just as French as he is Black. Bi-racial people are usually categorized into the race that they associate with either consciously or unconsciously. I feel like people are more comfortable categorizing me as white because I associate with my Jewish heritage even though I am half black.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that there will be some color splashed in the white house. I would just like people to be less ignorant to the fact that he’s mixed.  Even professional news reporters are getting his heritage wrong by not acknowledging that he is bi-racial.


This information shouldn’t hurt Obama’s campaign or anyone’s vote toward him. These Days it’s harder for a person that is bi-racial to be acknowledged for what they are. I just want people to know that he is bi-racial. This should inspire. But one things for sure, he’s got my vote.  


For youth radio I’m Zoe salnave. You can listen to this commentary and more at


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