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Romeo and Juliet

So this week I’ve decided to write about Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet.” I’m not going to get too deep or anything but I’d just like to address everyone who gets depressed about how they both die in the end. Personally, I believe that this was the perfect ending for this novel. Sure, they exchange many pretty words and they go through so much trouble in the effort to be together, it seems a terrible travesty that they’re unable to be together in life. Truth is, in their death, they preserved their image of a pure, beautiful, ideological love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as much of a hopeless romantic as anyone, but what really would happen if they had been able to stay together? Since they died they didn’t have to suffer the consequence of rushing into things. We don’t have to see Juliet’s breasts sag or Romeo cheat on her. Of course, if they had survived the book could have just ended with something along the lines of “and they lived happily ever after..” but that would just be…I don’t know…not the same, especially since those type of endings are over done. All I’m really trying to say, in less words, is that Romeo and Juliet’s death allowed their love to persevere, rather than spoil with age.

The balcony scene, yielding some of the most popular lines of the play.

The balcony scene, yielding some of the most popular lines of the play.


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