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Rappers Take a Turn down hill

Round Table

By: Tony Shavers

Through the years we have had the most famous rappers of all time. For example: Too short, Melle Mel, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, as well as Run Dmc. These were the days where rap was exceptional. We have entered the new millennium and rappers such as Lil Wayne, d4l, DLO, and the most famous Souljia boy, have turned the tables upside down. This line is from biggie smalls “umbilical cord’s wrapped around my neck, I’m seein my death and I ain’t even took my first step. I made it out, I’m bringing mad joy, the doctor looked and said, “He is going to be a bad boy. “What happened to those lyrics, the lyrics that made sense? Now we have to listen to “so im back on da scene and da fame getting closer. Squads burning up man we hot as a toaster. Like a toaster”. Are you serious? What is this? The mainstream media seems to pull out the negative songs so that it can generate an un-constructive vibe in our youth’s lives. How shall we make the mainstream understand that they are destroying our youth’s mind?




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By: Jose Montoya

In every generation of Hip-Hop the dancing changes. In the 8o’s the dancing was more jumping around side to side with some style. Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammer for example had their own crazy dances that I don’t think I could keep up with. That style is considered old and out of style but it’s a classic, I like it at least. But even if that Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were competing they had the same style of dancing but it was different. In the end every one knows who won that some what of a beef.

So this is a video of MC Hammer at the 1991 Grammy awards with Vanilla Ice in the audience and i think we all know how that went. not such a good time for Vanilla Ice. But anyways MC Hammer is crazy for his dancing!! Who goes up in front of thousands of people in a silver futuristic suit and sing Cant Touch this!!! He is Crazy!! but i have to give it up to him, he did his thing and loved every second of it, and thats what counts.

HAHA anyways besides those two guys beefing. Now here is the part where the dancing changes just about a year or two later it changed big time. In this video we see will smith hitting those 90’s moves. which are still sort of the same as the Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer ones but with a more flamboyant style like the color of the clothes haha.

So i was chilling the other day and i was you tubing and i realized the similarities and thought of blogging about it.

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