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Changes In Future Education

By Fernando Bustos

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Cuts in Education

During this time of great change in our every day life, I have noticed that in my school there are changes to come for the following years. The changes in the economy have hindered the possibility of future extra-curricular activities and other programs in our schools. Cuts in the school staff have also been a result of the recession, meaning that they have been giving out pink slips to many teachers. These changes have become an awful thought for teachers as well as me. I thought that it would have no effect on me, when teachers are being laid off, but now that I see what happen when there are fewer teachers to teach. This has become a concern for me, since it would affect my education and after school goals for the future. These major changes have affected everyone in their future goals for their education.


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Cuts Hurt, Save the Block


By: Jose Montoya

Early this week a group of officials, who wish to remain anonymous, presented that next year three high schools in Hayward will be switching from the block system to the periods system. The three schools are Tennyson high school, Mt. Eden high school, and Hayward high school. The block system gives student’s eight classes a year, four classes the first semester, and four classes the second semester, wherein each class is an hour and thirty minutes long. The period system only gives students six one hour classes for the whole school year. The school board is taking two classes away from the students. This will affect students and school staff members. Many teachers will be laid off, at least ten to fifteen teachers per high school. The few counselors Hayward high schools have will also be fired. Students who don’t have enough credits will not be able to graduate and take classes for college. Many electives will be cut such as art and music. The school board is doing this because of the California budget cuts and they are trying to save money.

In response to these changes Mt.Eden high walked out last month to show that they don’t want the period system. The school board is being unjust to the students and not listening to the attendees of the board meetings. I do feel sorry for the school board because they are volunteers and they are trying to save money for the schools. But this isn’t beneficial to the schools and it’s unfair for the students. California should think about other ways to save money other than making budget cuts for schools that don’t have enough money as it is.

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