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By: Jose Montoya

In every generation of Hip-Hop the dancing changes. In the 8o’s the dancing was more jumping around side to side with some style. Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammer for example had their own crazy dances that I don’t think I could keep up with. That style is considered old and out of style but it’s a classic, I like it at least. But even if that Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were competing they had the same style of dancing but it was different. In the end every one knows who won that some what of a beef.

So this is a video of MC Hammer at the 1991 Grammy awards with Vanilla Ice in the audience and i think we all know how that went. not such a good time for Vanilla Ice. But anyways MC Hammer is crazy for his dancing!! Who goes up in front of thousands of people in a silver futuristic suit and sing Cant Touch this!!! He is Crazy!! but i have to give it up to him, he did his thing and loved every second of it, and thats what counts.

HAHA anyways besides those two guys beefing. Now here is the part where the dancing changes just about a year or two later it changed big time. In this video we see will smith hitting those 90’s moves. which are still sort of the same as the Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer ones but with a more flamboyant style like the color of the clothes haha.

So i was chilling the other day and i was you tubing and i realized the similarities and thought of blogging about it.


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No Wrestling Team In My High School

Head Dip

Head Dip

By Fernando Bustos


I am passionate about wrestling. I remember watching it on TV and on the Olympics. By seeing these athletes toss and grapple each other I developed an interest in the sport. Since then I have started to wrestle with my brothers and then gotten yelled at by my mom for making too much noise in the house. I have always liked sports with physical contact I like using my body as a way to perform moves that seem impossible to do. It’s the rush and contact you get that gets me pumped up and ready to wrestle. I started out with wrestling in the 8th grade. When I came to high school I was so excited about getting onto the wrestling team, since I heard competition is more serious there and people are more committed to becoming better. I knew that that’s the place I wanted to be so that I could grow and become a better wrestler. Unfortunately when I talked to the director of athletics at our school I found out that we didn’t have a wrestling team, and we haven’t had one in a long time. I was disappointed that there was no team because I was really pumped up to start a higher level of sports where I would become a better wrestler.

My high school has not taken any actions to bring back the wrestling team. I think it’s really important to have a bigger variety of sports in high school since its one of the reasons why students are in involved in school. There are many students who have a passion for sports and use high school sports to become better and develop skills in life.

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Cynthia Maxwell: Youth radio presentation of sound



Today at youth radio we, the winter core class, were introduced to Cynthia Maxwell who works at Apple to create applications and specializes in sound development.  During the presentation she mentioned that with every sound there’s a specific equation to make that tone. I’m only in the 11th grade and my favorite subject is math, but when she showed me what that equation looked like, I didn’t have a clue about what it meant. Luckily I was interested enough to ask if she could break it down and explain it to me after her presentation had ended.  Another thing that she mentioned in the presentation was that she used to work for NASA, and for anyone that’s a pretty huge accomplishment. She inspired me to apply for mathematics in college, something I’d never even thought I would ever consider.

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Teen Pregnancy

Round Table

By Sarah Hamik

It’s normal in our society to have sex at a young age. It’s more likely that teens will have sex when their intoxicated because it causes them to be attracted to the opposite sex. When you’re under the influence teens tend to want sex more than care about their safety. According to, approximately one-third of young women in the United States become pregnant during their teens. More than 80% of teen pregnancies are unintended and unintentional. I think that teens should be more responsible about having sex and should always be prepared for the outcome if they were not prepared. A lot of my friends are usually only half ready when having sex and end up asking me two weeks later to buy them a pregnancy test. A lot of times pregnant girls can look to the media for suggestions about alternatives for their pregnancy. They could put it up for adoption like in the movie, Juno, or they could keep the baby like they did on the TV show called “Secret life of an American Teenager”, or they could have an abortion like Kyra from the movie “Coach Carter”. Even though teens have all these choices, it still shouldn’t lead them to get pregnant unintentionally.

Photo: brungrrl/creative comments/attribution-non commercial-share alike

Photo: brungrrl/creative comments/attribution-non commercial-share alike

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By Esteban Olague


What is the real definition of family? Is family a word that can be defined from the dictionary? Is that the real definition just because it’s in a dictionary? My definition of family is a group of people that you trust with your life, a group of people that have your back till the end and not the ones that just say, “Yea blood, I got yo back.” Most people that just say it don’t really mean it. Through out my life I’ve learned that people aren’t justified by their words or promises, and not by their ability to speak or what people think of them. People are only justified by their actions and defined by what they do in the worst situations. I have family that I don’t consider to be my bloodline; I refer to those people by their first names instead of calling them my uncle, auntie, or grandparent. My real family has always been there for me. I’m the only son with only one little sister, but I got 6 brothers and 2 other sisters, 2 dads, 2 moms, and only a few aunties and uncles. My 2nd pair of parents are my dad’s brother and his wife. My brothers and sisters mostly consist of people who started out as just my friends, but I believe that family doesn’t end by blood.


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What’s in the”Classic”Formula?


By:Tiara Lindsey

What makes a classic a classic? Is it the time and place where you were when you heard that beat that rocked your world? Do you remember the first time you heard it? That feeling, that rush? What does it take to get that feeling back? Or what’s in it?! My favorite classic right now is: “ain’t no half steppin” by Big Daddy Kane. The first time I heard it, I was inside, on a sunny day and I was feeling hella lazy but as soon as that beat dropped, I wanted to make moves. Why is that? The reason that classics are classics to me are usually based on my mood. I’ll skip through songs on my iPod and stop at the song that seems to match my heart rate. The songs that are considered classics to “o.g.’s” or the “older crowd” would be from artists like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendegrass, or Barry white. The newer crowd may consider classics today as…well I can’t even say that there are any classics today, because “a classic has to withstand the test of time, right?” I take all kinds of music into consideration; a classic for me in the grunge-indie category would be “smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana. That song gives me a different feeling, its Kurt Cobain’s voice and the way he says he’s worst at what he does best which to me screams something louder. But what’s in both of those songs that make me want to keep them on repeat? What will bridge the gap? Maybe none of these questions will be answered simply because what ever ingredient is in the classic formula is lost. Modern day music to me is “shinaz” or artificial coolness that lacks culture and experience.

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teen dating violence..

Even though people don’t like to talk about it, teen dating violence is a bigger issue than most think. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear someone being abused is a man hurting a women. Although physical abuse is serious it’s not the only type. There’s physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, mental, and financial abuse. This happens a lot more than you might imagine. According to, 30 to 50 percent of female high school students reported to have experienced teen dating violence. It’s commonly believed that women are the only one’s getting abused, but with all these different types males and females can be abusive. There are many types of teen violence and for a lot it isn’t easy to recoginze or prevent these horrible things from happeneing.

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