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money and connections:the basis for a good political campaign

money and connections:the basis for a good political campaign

Margaret Daly

All my life, I have been very exposed to politics. My godfather is a former senator for the state of California, and my family has always helped him in his campaigns. I remember being introduced to “important” people at parties and fundraisers. Back then, I was always enthusiastic to help out. It made me feel important, but recent personal experiences have left me angry at the atrocities of campaigning for office. Some months ago my Dad ran for judge of Alameda County Superior Court. Unfortunately, he lost, but it was still a process that really taught me a lot. First of all, I learned that running a political campaign is a very stressful undertaking. I admire all politicians who are willing to go through that kind of stress for a job that will only bring more stress. Secondly, I discovered that I really hate politics. During the campaign my dad would come home stressed out and my parents began fighting a lot more. I would hear all about how the opponent had more money and more connections and how maybe it would be better to just give up. It seemed like qualifications didn’t matter. I thought an honest person with integrity and a good work ethic could easily prevail in an election but this isn’t so. There is actually so much more involved. In addition to this, politics really revealed who were just our “fair weathered friends.” During the campaign, some of my Dad’s lifelong friends in politics wouldn’t endorse him because they didn’t want to anger the support system of his opponent. These were people whom he had supported in all their endeavors. How could t hey turn their backs on him now? All of this got me thinking, this campaign must be a reflection of how all elections are. It makes me angry that a person who may be the best for a position could lose only because of their lack of connections or funds. This should not be acceptable; people should elect the best candidate. I want to reinforce and encourage people to really look into the candidate they are voting for, aside from just name recognition. For youth radio I’m Margaret Daly. You can hear this commentary and more at


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Female suicide bomber


By:Tiara Lindsey

Last Friday a female suicide bomber blew herself up south of
Baghdad in a crowd of Shiite pilgrims killing 32 people including many women and children. It was said to be the deadliest of attacks directed towards Shiite pilgrims in most recent days by Iraqi and western officials.40 year old Abu Islam a resident of Baghdad says “burned corpses were every where; they were mostly kids and women because the bomber targeted the tents of women.” After the bombing, along highways of Baghdad, check points were set up every few miles with security forces lining the roads about every 100 feet.A local hospital which only had 50 beds was very quickly filled. Around 76 people including 28 children were rushed to a bigger hospital in the city of Hilla. According to the international herald tribune, no one knows for sure why these attacks are reoccurring. I feel as if this situation is absurd simple because the targets were women and children. This is one of the many tragic incidents that have occurred in the Middle East. I believe that people commit suicide for personal reasons, in my opinion I would think that this was a political statement being made.

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Senior Year’s Expensive

By Miguel Ojeda

Isn’t senior year supposed to be the most fun and laid back year of high school? Ever since the first week of school all I’ve been doing is paying for senior year related things. People have always told me that senior year is going to be fun and easy, they tell me to make sure i have a good time. I’ve been trying to make that happen, but it’s also the most stressful time for most high school seniors. On top of that, there’s all this money that few students have, but need just to enjoy their senior year.

Hearing my classmates talking about not being able to buy a class ring or portraits because they don’t have enough money is depressing. I almost didn’t buy a year book because it cost $110. These are memories that i would have not been able to afford. worrying about saving my money so I have enough for winterball and prom is stressful. It maybe because of our countries recession that school events and senior year are so expensive.

Being a high school senior is hectic. And the added financial problems makes it overwhelming. I’ve already paid for senior portraits that cost over $200, just bought my cap and gown with the announcements costing about $150, and I still owe $450 for my class ring. Although this year has been somewhat fun it has mostly been financially rough. So far my senior year has taken money and potential fun from me. It isn’t exactly what i expected after hearing people talking about how enjoyable it’s supposed to be. I can say that it’s given me an experience of how the real world will be after i graduate. Hopefully I’ll be ready and leave high school without empty pockets.

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