Rappers Take a Turn down hill



  1. Awesome image!

    If you do not mind I will use it and link it to your fabulous site (of course): your art must be shared.


  2. Anonymous said


  3. bert said

    y have you put the game in this pic

  4. Lalo Pena said

    artwork by lalo Pena.. just so u all know..

  5. This is image was taken from Lalo Pena^ the real artist. Look at the Pena signature in the corner.

  6. Macabredose said

    Who are all in this pic?
    I know 2 Pac and snoop dogg.. .Who are the other. plz name em…

  7. Anonymous said

    The Game, Dr Dre, and Eazy E

  8. Anonymous said

    Game is a must…..and if you dont know who is in this picture,then you have to living in 1996….real people know real people.

  9. Anonymous said


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