Ron Dellums Inspiration!!!


By: Tony Shavers III

March 18th, 2009 a day out of the ordinary. When I came to youth radio, I thought that it was going to be just another session, but I was in for a surprise. When I walked into the office, the director told my class that we were going to have a discussion with Ron Dellums. When I heard his name, I was transferred back to when I was a part of his campaign 3 years ago. Now getting to meet him again in the year of 2009 was going to be amazing. As he headed to his seat, he shook my hand and stared, as if he remembered who I was! He talked about how he lived in the time where people had to fight for their freedom, and now 50 years later we are still fighting the same struggles. When he said that, I could feel he was very serious about the mind-set for change. “Does 50 years of work mean nothing?” Dellums said the answer is no. the reason we had people like: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X, fighting for equal rights was so there would be progress in later years. Douglass once said: “if there is no struggle there is no progress.” are we re-living the problems of yesterday? Although we have made progress there are still complications that we are facing. Throughout his speech, his message was “change is coming and conflicts will soon be over.” hearing how life changed from 50 years ago, gave me the inspiration that writing poems about change is the right path to follow. “Don’t challenge violence with violence,” he said. Ron Dellums on March 18, 2009, made a tremendous impact on how I view my community. People move in their own self interest not yours. Make them by communicating your position in the world. For youth radio, I am Tony Shavers. To hear commentaries and more, go to http://www.youthradio.orgstruggle


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