Farewell Natasha Richardson


By: Marlon West

Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson actress and mother of 2 kids passed away March 18, 2009. According to people .com, Natasha Richardson was at Quebec’s Mont Tremblant resort in Canada when she had a ski accident. While falling she suffered severe brain injury and died to days later. She is leaving behind her career and more importantly her husband and two sounds. She played a Broadway in 1993 Anna Christie. She also made a starring act in the Parentrap with Lindsey Lohan in 1998. Since then she has been in several movies. Her recent movie was wild child in 2008. Her husband says that she still looks incredibly beautiful in her casket and she will be missed as well as loved. Medical experts added that 1.4 million people in the U.S. suffer from brain injuries each year or it could have been suffered a subdural memotomna the breaking of the blood vessel inside the brain. I’ts unpredictable how young actors and actresses keep dying, everyone should have their right to live their life. Unfortunate stories like this reinforce that you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone


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