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Stress for less

Are you someone who participates in many activities in or outside of school? Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out by all the work you have to do every day? I feel like this all the time. I participate in many activities. Not only am I on the track and tennis team, but I am also in the building with books club, Lasallion student leaders, which is like a student government, and a student of youth radio. After tennis practice, I am usually too tired to do my homework or school projects. I am also a procrastinator so I always do my homework till late at night which makes me get very little sleep. This makes it even harder to get through the day. Since I am only a sophomore in high school, I know that there is much more chaos ahead of me. I have to get my drivers license, a job, and apply to college. I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to accomplish everything that I want without getting really stressed out and having my grades drop. To get some of my energy back, I will take a nap before doing my homework and to wake myself up, I will listen to music. I will also do my homework in the morning or at lunch if necessary. These little things have helped me finish my homework, which not only reduces my stress, but it also makes my parents extremely happy and proud of me. I also tell myself that going through all of this stress will benefit me in the long run because colleges will be impressed with my application if I am part of many activities and get good grades. For youth radio, I am Kali Thomas. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at


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An apple in the morning…

I always wanted to know what I should eat for breakfast. Seeing commercials of different cereals saying its part of a balanced nutritious breakfast made me want to know if I was really missing out on anything important. I did some research and I read in an article on that a healthy breakfast replenishes your body and help jump starts your day.  According to the American diabetic association, children who eat breakfast are more likely to have better problem-solving skills and eye- hand coordination.  From my experience with eating breakfast it does benefit your concentration and focus during school, it also gives you more energy to get you through the day. I decided to try this new concept and now I can’t leave the house without eating some sort of breakfast. So remember to eat breakfast whether it’s a bowl of cereal or an apple. Trust me; these easy to eat meals will benefit you quite well during school or work.

 For youth radio, I’m Lejon Isaacs. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at

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Drama, drama, and more drama…

Have you been absent from school because of drama with your friends or acquaintances?  Recently I’ve been hesitant to go outside my house because people wanted to jump me.  A couple days ago, I was hanging out with my friends; we had a disagreement over our opinions of relationships.  I found out they told their family about the situation, it was frustrating that we couldn’t handle the problem on our own.  Sometimes if you hang around the wrong people you will be pulled into their drama.  I have had problems with these particular people for three years.  And finally I realized that I wasn’t the problem, they were.  Drama just seemed to be the source of life for them. And for some reason I just had to be involved in it.They’re also other ways you can get pulled into drama. For example, people might say you said something you never really said, and he said/she said.  I feel like if something has nothing to do with you, then you shouldn’t have to get into someone else’s problems.  For youth radio I’m Minerva van Stratuum. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at

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Me and Youth Radio

I never thought I would be in a place where I can learn so much from people either my age or a couple of years older than me. Here at youth radio, they teach me things that I can’t learn at school or anywhere else that’s willing to help. Tonight, I’m going to talk about my personal experiences here. When I first started youth radio, I thought I was about to be  taught by a on old bald guy with a white beard and an ugly mole on his face, but then I met Jason, he’s the core instructor and he’s nothing like that. Here, he plans what we’re about to do for the day and he makes everything fun and very interesting. He also gives great advice so if you need serious help; go to Jason because that’s where I would go. The first couple of weeks, I had to dj. I was so excited because that’s what I want to do when I get older. In the dj studio, I then met Maya and Hevanya. They taught me so much about becoming a dj and what not to do on air.  They also taught me lots of life lessons I will learn what to do when I’m their age or older. Next couple of weeks, I met everyone else. I met Brandon, Leon, Gabe, Nate, and Bill. They also teach stuff here we need to know, but here, they make it funny. Don’t get me wrong, they help us get things done, but as people a little bit older than me and still young, they add a lot of their own personalities towards their work. Youth radio is somewhere I wouldn’t mind staying for the rest of my life. Here, they teach me so much I can learn in life. I also learned about what I can do when I become older…being a dj. Youth radio inspires me and to me, it’s like we’re an enormous family. For youth radio, I’m Christian Lewis. To hear this commentary and to hear more, you can visit the website at www. Youth

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How many of you have heard of area 51? How about the crack epidemic? What about the alternate reason of 9/11? These three things are examples of conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is a reason made for events that have happened in time. Something in the mind makes a person wonder: is this really the reason this happened or is somebody behind this? Is the real truth is being hidden from us? Many of these are developed out of a lack of information. Some members of the public may believe that the administration and the government who feed us our news and media may not be telling us the truth about an event or may be hiding something. Many of them pertain to our government, but many of them don’t. An example could be that many schools are closing because some government officials want more of the tax paying people’s money for themselves. It may or may not be true, who knows, because it’s a conspiracy theory. In my opinion many of the conspiracy theories I hear make a lot of sense and make me think: maybe that is what happened and why would someone do this or that. It’s crazy some of the stuff that comes up, but no one can stop a conspiracy theory from forming because the mind is a complex instrument that can bring about anything it wants.


For youth radio this is Darold Henderson and you can hear this and other commentaries at

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Cell Phone Tumors

 Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone. From young kids to elderly people, even I’ve had a cell phone since I was 10 years-old.  Its been pressed up to my ear numerous times but I recently came across some news that some people were getting cancer or brain tumors allegedly caused by their cell phones. At first I didn’t pay much attention to the news, but after thinking about it some more and knowing that I had had my phone For some years; it started to linger in the back of my head whenever I use it. According to  there were 16 studies on cell phones causing cancer, only 2 studies found links between the cancer, brain tumors and phones. People questioned the way these 2 studies were made and they also said that it wouldn’t affect people who had used the phones for more than 10 years. At the end I saw the research was from 1982 and cell phones were relatively new. Now the phones do a lot more than before and after some research I discovered that they only transmit a radiation single that is as powerful as a watt but they can still damage some tissue in your head but this is nothing to worry about. An x-ray is more likely to give you cancer! After my research I felt better that it was almost impossible to get a tumor or cancer from a cell phone. I just hope that now that they are more advanced and here to stay that prolonged use like 30 to 50 years won’t cause any harm.

For youth radio, I’m Edwin Aguilar. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at     

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Breast Cancer

Did you know that breast cancer is most common cancer for women, responsible for 20% of the deaths in women out of all cancer deaths in women?  Personally I am afraid of getting breast cancer because I hear about a lot of women dying from breast cancer.  Some of the causes of breast cancer are radiation exposure, and heavy alcohol use.  As you get older you have more of a risk of getting any kind of cancer and if you have a weaker immune system you have more risk of getting it too.  Something’s around you in your day to day life can also cause cancer. This includes tobacco smoke, the sun, natural and man made radiation, work place hazards. There are some other cancers and viruses that are linked to cervical cancer like the genital wart virus, HPV, primary liver cancer and the Hepatitis B virus, T cell leukemia in adults and the human T cell leukemia virus.

With all these viruses and types of cancers that I can get I am scared to know that it is possible that I could get any kind of cancer especially breast cancer.

  For youth radio I am Minerva van Straatum, you can hear this commentary and more go to

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