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Social Networking

I made my myspace page because my cousin had one so i got one. Social networking is a new way for us to keep in contact with one another; and we don’t have to worry about wasting minutes or long distance charges on the house phone.  I don’t really need myspace but it’s nice to have one. I have other social networking pages also, but i prefer myspace. When I’m on Facebook it seems the same but it’s more of a college site. Then there’s this page that’s more of a dating site, but i don’t need to be on a site for dating yet.  At first my mom didn’t want me on these sites. She was watching tv and there was a program on there about online predators she didn’t want me to become a victim like those kids. But after about a month or so, she warmed up to it. Now she wants a myspace, i think I’ll help her design her page. Unfortunately I won’t have her on my top friends list. That’s only reserved for friends. These social networking sites are good to talk to friends as well as finding new people. I’m currently looking for family members i haven’t met yet, and the ones I haven’t seen in ages.Overall these sites are great tools to use everyday. You just have to be careful of how you use it.For youth radio I’m Brandin Watson. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at



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Dog Fighting

Lately the media has been all over Michael Vick for allegations about him illegally dog fighting on his own property. This raises an important question: should dogs fighting be illegal when you are the person that owns the dog or should he just be allowed to walk away with killing gods creatures? I have mixed feeling about how it should be handled. I believe that he should get a big fine instead of jail time. Animal cruelty is accepted when you’re fishing and putting a hook through an animals jaw is considered sport. Why should one animal cruelty be accepted just because it’s a simple vertebrae and one is mans best friend. In my opinion one is not better than the other. On one hand they’re both harmful to the animals. I believe that if Michael Vick is going behind bars so should the fishermen in America. Can you imagine how many fish have died in the process of fishing compared to the numbers of people killing dogs? I bet that for every dog killed threes like 10,000 fish killed. The numbers are far apart. The only defenses they’ll say is that majority of the fish are killed in sport. Still what makes fish any worst off then dogs?Though I believe both are wrong this is my feelings toward the cruelty. For youth radio my name is Brandon robins you can hear this commentary and more at

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Saliva’s New Gifts


There are many diseases that we are supposed to be tested for every year so that if we have them we can catch them before it gets worse. This is comforting to those who go to the doctor REGULARLY; because they can know their likelihood of living for a long period of time is higher. but there are also some diseases and virus’s that are hard to know about in advance. even if it is possible you must take a bunch of tests. for example blood tests, catscans, mri’s, or ekg’s. these procedures can be expensive and some people do not have the money to pay for these tests. some are also scared of getting tested and by knowing that your doctor only needs a swab of spit instead of needing you to go inside a huge machine, might make people feel more comfortable about it. the processing of the tests usually TAKES a few days so you will not know the results for a week or two. luckily scientists have found a way to tell if you have cancer, gum disease, or fatigue just from your spit. the school of dentistry found a way to test if you have oral cancer just from spit. the test is 82% accurate and only takes 24 hours to get the results. you’re probably thinking that oral cancer is not a cancer oftenly found in people but 30,000 people this year will be diagnosed with the disease. you could be one of the 30,000. dentists have only found out how to test for oral cancer, but most-likely in a few years type-2 diabetes, ovarion cancer, breast cancer, alzheimers, and rheumatoid arthritis will also be able to Bedetected by spit test

For youth radio kali thomas. you can here this and more at




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Why is myspace so addicting. Why is myspace blocked from every computer in a public school? Why does everyone have a myspace page? Since 2004 the whole nation has been buzzing about myspace. Now I’m not going to sit here and lie, I used to have a myspace, I use to be online until three in the morning, but then it got boring. I just saw no point in doing the myspace thing. Now I’m just sitting here wondering why I was so addicted. I think it was because I was meeting so many females or maybe it was because I just like upgrading my profile to make mines look the best, whatever it was it got me. Myspace got me so bad that I was online 24-7 I found my grades slipping in school because I had no time to do my homework or study. When schools started blocking the myspace from the computers I was one of the first one to find out how to get around the block. Myspace was my drug. If it wasn’t for my computer breaking I probably would still be addicted. I wrote this commentary to tell people my story to help prevent another addiction.


For youth radio I’m Marcus Jagers. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at


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The learning’s of school

What is the real concept of grades? Just because you get low grades in school doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything. For instance, my brother got straight d’s his last semester of school just because he didn’t turn in his class work and homework. He was one of the smartest kids in his class but he had some of the lowest grades. The reason why he made d’s instead of f’s was because he aced every test that the teacher put in front of him. That just goes to show that just because you don’t do your work in school doesn’t mean you’re a dummy. That makes me wonder, why do teachers make homework and class work more of a percentage than test scores? I mean isnt the whole point of grades to critique what we learn instead of our work ethic? That is why some people get c’s and d’s instead of a’s and b’s just because of the simple fact that they’re lazy. If it were up to me, I would just give grades on the students tests instead of their class and homework. But, hey, that’s just me.

For youth radio Im Marcus Jagers. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at

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Mickey D’s Branded

I’ve noticed that every time my family and i go out to dinner all my little sister ever wants is mcdonald’s. Recently the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine conducted a study on the effects of fast food branding on young children’s taste preferences.  Children were asked to taste two of the same food – one wrapped in McDonalds brand wrapper and one with a plain wrapper. alMost all of the kids said the McDonalds food tasted better than the other even though they were the same. Its crazy, man, these fast food companies are brainwashing kids and making them think that their food is better than others. If the obesity rate in America isn’t bad enough already, imagine how much worse it will continue to get in the future. with mcdonald’s making everything so cheap with their dollar menu it’s no wonder PARENTS would rather take their KIDS to mickey d’s instead of making them a healthy meal at home. i hope moms and dads out there can CONVince their kids who LIKE MCDONALDS TO TRY the same food without the mcdonald’s brand.


 for youth radio this carlos jimenez you can here this commentary and more at

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Ear tubes


When I was about 7, I had artificial tubes put into my Eustachian tubes, which are the tiny canals that link your ear to your throat. I had to get artificial tubes because the Eustachian tubes I was born with were too small and I used to get a lot of ear infections. I know these ear tubes are meant to help me, but after living with them for 7 years I wish I didn’t have them.

Having ear tubes is a lot of work. When I want to go swimming I have to wear ear plugs because the water messes with the pressure in my ears. Even when I haves ear plugs I can’t go that go that deep under water. It was very difficult for me to learn how to swim because of my ear tubes. My swim teacher would make us go under water and when I did my ears popped and really hurt and I just had to deal with the pain until the next day. Now I know how to swim and it is a whole lot better but not having ear tubes would have made everything easier.

With ear tubes it’s true that I don’t have as many ear infections, but the ear infections I do get are more serious and more painful than normal ear infections. I have to go to bed or put cotton in my ear and the next day I go to the doctor and get ear drops that help the pain go away. I know they were meant to help me but I think my ears were better with out them...

For youth radio, I’m Shmarie Pharr. You can hear this commentary and more on the web at

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