Rappers Take a Turn down hill

Round Table

By: Tony Shavers

Through the years we have had the most famous rappers of all time. For example: Too short, Melle Mel, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, as well as Run Dmc. These were the days where rap was exceptional. We have entered the new millennium and rappers such as Lil Wayne, d4l, DLO, and the most famous Souljia boy, have turned the tables upside down. This line is from biggie smalls “umbilical cord’s wrapped around my neck, I’m seein my death and I ain’t even took my first step. I made it out, I’m bringing mad joy, the doctor looked and said, “He is going to be a bad boy. “What happened to those lyrics, the lyrics that made sense? Now we have to listen to “so im back on da scene and da fame getting closer. Squads burning up man we hot as a toaster. Like a toaster”. Are you serious? What is this? The mainstream media seems to pull out the negative songs so that it can generate an un-constructive vibe in our youth’s lives. How shall we make the mainstream understand that they are destroying our youth’s mind?




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1984: the Power of Words

Last year around this time, I was reading the book “1984” by George Orwell. I was on a school science trip in Costa Rica and the beautiful scenery made me feel more insightful and gave me time for reflection. Normally in a relaxed tropical setting people tend to lose themselves to an airy, lighthearted mindset.  I tend to retreat further and further inward to think. So during this deep period of thinking and reading 1984, I realized just how much language controls the way we think and our ability to be able to think deeply or analytically. The novel is basically about a dystopian society and a civil servant, Winston, who works at editing and producing the government’s propaganda. Well, in the novel, they use a language called “Newspeak” where they basically get rid of all the words they deem superfluous. Essentially, they make everything simplistic and by reducing vocabulary, they begin to put boundaries on how an individual can think. By converting to this, it makes it so that the citizens won’t be able to realize what is going on around them. If one is angry they say something along the lines of “I’m doubleplus mad.” There is no infuriating, or enraged, or any of the numerous words expressing anger that could have a different nuance and produce a different level of meaning for a certain sentiment. Reading about this made me more appreciative of words. I usually never think about it, but I’m so glad that our language allows us to express ourselves in so many different, multidimensional ways. But these many open nuances leave space for a lot of interpretation and can lead to misunderstandings in the way something was meant to be read. I guess this could be one downside to language, but in the end it’s better than being confined to simple feelings.

-Margaret Daly

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High After The Dentist

Fernando Bustos


One of the funniest videos that I’ve seen was this YouTube video about a young boy who had gone to the dentist. When he went to the dentist he had to inhale nitrous gas which caused him to get stoned. The boy’s father decided it was a funny idea to video tape his intoxicated son. The recording showed the boy tripping out, he was seeing things, screaming and it was just too funny to keep watching, but there I sat and continued to laugh. The boy said “is this real life?” That line was the funniest because it was as if he was in another world, it’s not everyday you see a 7 yr old in that way. “I feel funny, why is this happening to me?” David the boy said. It was weird to see a young boy say these words and the look on his face that he had no idea where he was. I might not know what it’s like to be high on nitrous, but I could see how the boy was lost and out of it by the many looks on his face. He was staring into oblivion saying that he only had two fingers, the young boy was stoned on gas and seeing things that he had never seen before. The video reminds me of how people I know react to comedy, people fall over, cry out loud and sometimes just go out of it. It is always good to have a laugh about random things, and serious things too. So go out there and watch a video or do something random.

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Family Matters

A sitcom that i truly enjoy is called Family Matters. Even though  it is a very old show, it is still interesting. It always finds someway to make me laugh. There is a character named Steve Urkle, Jaleel White. He is the irritating neighbor. He is also in love with Laura Winslow.I’ve beem watching this show for about 5 years. I do recommend that you watch it. It will help you get over numerous problems. It has helped me in countless times.

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90s nickelodeon shows

We all going to take a trip back to the 90s yeah nickelodeon classics were the best around that time they had different shows like All that, My brother and me, Doug Are you afraid of the dark and more nickelodeon inspired teens to be what they wanted to be nickelodeon changed around 2003 where they played newer models of shows like drake and josh, ICarly, Zoey101 and Band brothers and what viewers don’t understand is that its good to mix old with new. It will be good if someone could put the time in the effort to have reruns of those great classics funny old 90s shows we miss the old nick shows please bring them back memories.

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Changes In Future Education

By Fernando Bustos

Round Table3351968178_5b60014b1a

Cuts in Education

During this time of great change in our every day life, I have noticed that in my school there are changes to come for the following years. The changes in the economy have hindered the possibility of future extra-curricular activities and other programs in our schools. Cuts in the school staff have also been a result of the recession, meaning that they have been giving out pink slips to many teachers. These changes have become an awful thought for teachers as well as me. I thought that it would have no effect on me, when teachers are being laid off, but now that I see what happen when there are fewer teachers to teach. This has become a concern for me, since it would affect my education and after school goals for the future. These major changes have affected everyone in their future goals for their education.

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Romeo and Juliet

So this week I’ve decided to write about Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet.” I’m not going to get too deep or anything but I’d just like to address everyone who gets depressed about how they both die in the end. Personally, I believe that this was the perfect ending for this novel. Sure, they exchange many pretty words and they go through so much trouble in the effort to be together, it seems a terrible travesty that they’re unable to be together in life. Truth is, in their death, they preserved their image of a pure, beautiful, ideological love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as much of a hopeless romantic as anyone, but what really would happen if they had been able to stay together? Since they died they didn’t have to suffer the consequence of rushing into things. We don’t have to see Juliet’s breasts sag or Romeo cheat on her. Of course, if they had survived the book could have just ended with something along the lines of “and they lived happily ever after..” but that would just be…I don’t know…not the same, especially since those type of endings are over done. All I’m really trying to say, in less words, is that Romeo and Juliet’s death allowed their love to persevere, rather than spoil with age.

The balcony scene, yielding some of the most popular lines of the play.

The balcony scene, yielding some of the most popular lines of the play.

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